An Argentine fishing company dedicated exclusively to the Patagonian scallop.

Responsible fishing since 1996

Founded in 1995 as a partnership between Canadian-based Clearwater Seafoods and Mr. Eduardo S. González-Lemmi, Glaciar Pesquera is an Argentine fishing company dedicated exclusively to the Patagonian scallop. Headquartered in Mar del Plata, the company has 165 full-time employees and operates two state-of-the-art factory vessels for harvesting and processing scallops, as well as a land-based plant and cold storage facility in Ushuaia






Glaciar Pesquera acknowledges the importance of having a talented and committed workforce, both at sea and on land. Our people are truly our greatest asset. We strive to select a team with strong values, who are eager to learn and grow, who enjoy working in a dynamic and team-oriented environment, who appreciate being challenged and who value the opportunity to make a difference between good work and excellent work.

Currently, the company employs more than 165 Argentineans, all of whom are committed to guaranteeing the delivery of top-quality Patagonian scallops to our customers. Whether participating in the fishing operation or ensuring our product is processed and shipped, our entire team is dedicated to meeting business commitments while respecting the natural resources on which we rely upon.

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